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Education for Life 



Friday Evening 

The Twenty-Ninth of May 

Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Two 


Long ago our native people 
Dwelling here upon this land, 
Taught our forebears how to live here, 
Stretching out a helping hand. 

Native people, weary strangers, 
Dwelt together in this place, 
Bravely overcoming hardship, 
Trusting, caring, race with race. 

Massasoit led his people 
Here in this Old Colony, 
Granting peace and trust to strangers, 
Pilgrims from across the sea. 

We salute you, Massasoit, 
Proudly sharing in your name 
Faith, endurance, peace and knowledge, 
Gifts of strength we now proclaim. 

We will hold aloft our banner, 
Massasoit' s green and white, 
Keeping firm our hope and courage, 
Forging paths for human right. 

With endurance, faith for the future, 
Pride where there once was none in sight, 
We share learning with all people, 
Peace and love our guiding light. 

Lyrics written by 
Professor Dorothy Gibbs and Afrika Hayes Lambe. 

Order Of Exercises 

Prelude The Massasoit Senior Orchestra 

Choral Selections The Massasoit Choral Ensemble 

♦The Academic Procession 

♦National Anthem Dr. Gerard F. Burke 

President of the College 

♦Invocation Reverend Richard Brondyke 

Fort Square United Presbyterian Church, Quincy 

Welcome Dr. Gerard F. Burke 

President of the College 

Greetings from the Board of Trustees Richard E. Frye 

Chair, Massasoit Community College Board of Trustees 

Commencement Address The Honorable Mark Roosevelt 

Massachusetts House of Representatives 

Charge to the College Richard E. Frye 

Chair, Massasoit Community College Board of Trustees 

Conferral of Degrees and Certificates 

Presidential Scholars Award Dr. Gerard F. Burke 

President of the College 

Representing the Class of 1992 Frederick F. Leonard 

President, Student Senate, Brockton Campus 

Margaret M. Doucet-Cole 
Chair, Student Senate, Canton Campus 

Greetings from the Alumni Marie A. Collins 

President, Alumni Association 

♦Benediction Reverend Richard Brondyke 

Fort Square United Presbyterian Church, Quincy 

♦The Recessional 

President's Reception Student Union 


Grand Marshal Dean Marguerite A. Donovan 

Dean of Student Affairs 

Graduates Graduate Marshals 

Frederick F. Leonard Margaret M. Doucet-Cole Mark C. Rocheteau 
Scott E. A. Martin Joseph J. Brousaides Ann D. Dailey 

Rose M. Gomes Ethan E. Pittsley Laura E. Spear 

College Faculty and Staff Professor T.P.Elliott-Smith, Marshal 

President, Academic Senate 

Platform Party Dr. James P. Yess, Marshal 

Dean of Academic Affairs 

* The audience is requested to stand. 

It is requested that there be no applause and that no photographs 

be taken during the Ceremony. 


Presidential Scholars 

Day Division 

+ + + Patricia A . Perkins 

Division of Continuing Education 

+ + + Walter M. Crickard 

Massasoit Community College 
Student Senate 

+ Frederick F. Leonard 

Scott E. A. Martin 

+Rose M . Gomes 

+ ++Margaret M. Doucet-Cole 
Chair , Student Senate 
Canton Campus 

Joseph J. Brousaides 

+Ethan E. Pittsley 

Mark C. Rocheteau 

+ + +Ann D. Dailey 

+ Laura E. Spear 

Associate Of Arts 

Liberal Arts 

Doreen Anne Anderson 
Lisa M . Beaumier 
Roland A . Blanchette 
+ + Clare Crowell 

Noreen M. Finneran 
Steven Sean Foley 
+KarenR. Gruntmeyer 
Aaron J . Guillory 
Glen D . Johnson 

Kirk Moreland Leavitt 
John Brandon McLaughlin 
Paul R . Newcomb 
James F. O'Rourke 
Stephen Paul Shaw 
Randall Thomas Trox 
Andrew Uniacke 
Kerry Ann Walsh 

+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

Associate In Science 

Business Administration 

+ ++Mary Teresa Abbruzzese 

+RehamI. Abdallah 
Anita Abrams 
Mauricio A . Acobo 
Diane Marie Allison 
Cecile L . Andrews 
Patricia B . Balboni 
James Carl Balkam 
Donna Barry 
Laura Marie Barry 
Joseph Fridz Bazile 
Thomas M . Belmont 
Kathleen E. Benedict 

+ Jeffrey D. Bergen 
Marie Ann Bergeron 
Stacy Lee Berry 

+ Nicole Blouin 
Jean Yves Bourdeau 
Carolyn S . Boyden 
Jill Marie Braasch 

+ Nancy A. Braverman 
Patrick Thomas Brennan 
John Dennis Bruder 
Paul Richard Buckley 

+ Bridget L. Burns 
Patrick Butler 

+Brigitte D. Buzalsky 
Louis Gener Canon 
Steven Ronald Cantalupo 
Franco Caparrotta 
William Paul Cardinal 
+ ++Joan C. Werkowski Carroll 
Laura Ann Casey 
Maureen Elizabeth Casey 
Donna Marie Chirokas 
Phuong Chu 
++ Laura Marie Clark 

+ Julie A. Coletta 
Michael A . Collins 
Brian Francis Cotter 

Kevin James Cullity 
++ Patrick E. DeFelix 
Denice A . Deibel 
Stephen F. Delaney 
+ + Darnelle Anne Deschamps 
++ Judith M. Dias 
Theoni Dimopoulos 
Leonard J . DiPasquale 
Dave J. Dodenhoff, Jr. 
James Michael Donnelly Jr 

♦Kathleen M. Dooley 
+ ++ Virginia A. Downey 

+ Kevin Francis Driscoll 
++KimberlyL. Driskell 
PaulC. Dyer 

+ Rebecca A. Dykes 
Christy S . Eaton 

+Joan C. Edgerly 
Karen Ann Fehan 
Jessica Erin Finn 
Mary Beth Finneran 

+ Tracy Marie Fiumara 
Adam C . Flynn 
Lois Jeanne Foley 
Michael G . Forrest 
Ian Joseph Frattasio 

+ Jeffrey Scott Fresh 
James J . Friedeborn 
Peter B. Gates 
Eileen F. Gatturna 
Charles Thomas Ghelfi 

+ Judith Christin Gillis 
Thomas Lincoln Gillis 
Karyn L. Goldstein 
Teresa G . Gomes 
Chris E. Gordon 
Martin Michael Gormley 
Susan M . Graney 
Christine Nichole Greene 
Vinh Chac Ha 

+ Honors 
+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

+ Anita Josephine Hadley 
+ Nicole M. Haggerty 
+ Richard H. Hall 

Erin M . Hallisey 

Cheryl L. Hamilton 

Jennifer Lee Harris 
+Mary M. Harris 

Shinobu Hasegawa 

Lynda L . Hatch 
+ Sharon Anne Hochstrasser 

Katherine A . Holland 
++Mary Leah Howard 
+ Jeanne M. Hunt 
+ Michael Richard Hussey 
++M. Phuong Huynh 
+ Phan Y. Huynh 
+Quynh Yen Huynh 
++ Sherry Ann Ivatts-Lander 

Denise Marie Jesse 
++ Patricia E. Keane 

Wendy Marie Keefe 

Lisa J . Kelly 

Cathy A . Kelson 

Dawn-Marie King 
+ Lee- Ann Elizabeth King 

Arthur Joseph Kinnealey 
+Tracey Ann Knaus 

Michelle Lee Kneeland 
+ + + Anne Marie LaCerda 

Daniel Patrick Lane 

Jeffrey Carter Lawless 

Ross M . Lawrence 
+ Cheryl C. LeVangie 

Eugenia V . Lopes 

Francisco C . Lopes 

Sandra Marie Luz 

Alvira G . Maccone 

Mary R . Macomber 

Carolyn E . Maguire 

Helen Marie-Coyle Maloney 

Scott E. A. Martin 
++Sherri L. Martin 

Kevin Martinelli 

Danielle Massieu 
+ Dianne Mary Mays 

Craig A . McAnaugh 

Kevin James McArdle 

Heather Anne McCormack 

Dawn Meninno 

Christopher Robert Miller 

Lucille Marie Moreau 
+ Bettilou Morrill 

Kevin Michael Morris 
+ + Kimberly Ann Morse 
+ Deanna Lynn Moss 
+ Laura Mueller 
+ + Kerri-Lyn Nickerson 

Barbara A . Nisbet 

Gregory J. Nolan 

Daniel Paul O'Rourke 

Joseph J. O'Shea 

Jo- Ann Overstreet 

Marcia J . Pace 

Jeffrey Peter Palaza 
-♦-Carol Ann Parks 

Pankaj B . Patel 

Deanna Jean Poore 

Laurel C. Porter 

John N . Previti 

Mary Catherine Rehm 

Nicholas J. Riccio 
+ Howard A . Rich 
-♦-Theresa A. Robbins 

Ray Joseph Rochon 

Alfreda Rodrigues 

Carla M . Rodrigues 

Giovanna Maria Rondinelli 

Paul J . Rooney , Jr . 
+ Karen I. Rowe 

Michelle Marie Roycroft 

Michelle C. Sellstone 
+Sean Mitchell Shea 

Jodi A . Sidelinger 

Elizabete Maria Soares 

Heather Anne Soper 

Lisa Ann Spano 
+ Richard Louis Standring 

Steven W . Stares 

Marianne Lucy Stoddard 
-♦-Emily Kate St. Jean 

Daniel W . Sullivan 
-♦-Thomas M. Sullivan 
++ Carole L. Swan 

Sheri Ann Swanson 

-♦•-♦-High Honors 
+ -♦- +Highest Honors 

Steven M . Tarbox 

Benjamin Alves Teixeira 

Kerri Ann Tellis 

Marguerite Andrice Tellus 
+ Karen M. Tracey 

Nicole Trocki 
++Paul Bernard Troilo 
+ James J. Tully 

Marie Marthe Ultimo 

David H . Vanasse 
+ Bradley R. Vargas 

Timothy M . Veglas 

Gerard Villemenay 

Sherri L . Wager 

Karen Ann Walsh 

Robert F. Walsh III 

Eric E . Wescott 

+ Elizabeth A. West 
Gary R . Wheeler 
Joseph R. White 
Nicole Marie White 
Maura Therese Whittemore 
Lesley Ann Widdop 
Angelle Dionne Williams 

+Tracie Lynne Williams 
+ ++Joan Elizabeth Willis 
Paul M . Wilson 
Frank A . Winiewicz 

+La Yang 
Dawn Marie Yassen 
Heather Annette Young 

+Gary A. Zade 
Julie A . Ziino 

Computer Information Systems 

Douglas H . Andrews 
+Jackeline Angeles 
E. Jerry Beaulieu 
♦Patricia D. Comperchio 
+ +Steven Michael Cullity 
Ilder P . Duvalsaint 
+ + + Joyce Lynn Ellard 

Dawn Michelle Enman 
+ + + Julia T. Fratalia 

+ + +Hai Ngoc Ho 
+ Albert A. Jardin 
+Denise Keane 
Cecelia M . Diernbach Linn 
Stephen M . O'Reilly 
+ +Sally Jane Picard 
+ + +Michael David Snyder 
♦Elaine Marion Swanton 
Vanessa A . White-Gradv 

Culinary Arts 

Jennifer J . Burbank 
+ + +Cheryl Marie Dolata 
Jennifer Lee Douglas 
Kathleen Anne Enright 
Cynthia T . Freel 
Christopher T . Johnson 

Stephen William Leaman 
James A . Long 
+ +SharonA. McPhee 
Jennifer C. Pishkin 
Andrew David Steen 

+ Honors 
+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

Engineering Technology 

Peter Amora 
Brian J . Bercury 
Emmanuel Berrouet 

+ Mary- Jane Brennan 
John Allen Canty 
Guy E. Carroll 
Craig A . Donnelly 
Michael John Flaherty 
+ + Robert P. Griffin 
Daniel J . Harn 
Jeffrey Andrew Hill 

+Ya Khang 
Tu V. Lai 

+ + Chris Paul Longchamps 
Antonio Molina 
+ + + Dennis H. Monroe 
+ Sean Patrick Morse 
James Thomas Mulligan 
+ + + Frederick C. Murray 
Michael David O'Brien 
David Glenn Olmsted 
Daniel Malcolm Pierce 
Danny James Reilly 
Steven James Shade 
+ +Robert F. Summers Jr. 
Robert Tvszka 

Fire Science Technology 

John Frederic Billings 
Brian Arthur Doherty 
+ + James F. Gallagher 
+ Donald L. Harrington 

David M . Jardin 

Edward Ralph Williams Jr 

Alan Harvey Willis 

Human Services 

+ +Lionel W. Allaire Jr. 

Michelle Hope Beckerman 
+ Bonnie L. Blackler 

Amy Renee Callahan 

Diane Charron 

Deborah J . Clish 

Patricia A . Edwards 
+ + + Frances E . Gillan 

Jose R . Gonzalez 

Shannon L . Harrington 

Joyce Shelia Hunter 

Simone Laguerre 
+Susan Lauzon 

Christina Theresa MacDonald 

Deana Marini 

Michelle J. Miller 
++ Karen Natale 

Patricia Lillian Nee 
+ Irene Marie Norkawski 

Jennifer Ann Phillips 

Herbert J. Pilkington 
+Sylia Rizk 

Caroline Doreen Rochester 

Jennifer Lynn Rose 

Shelia Ann Simmons 
+Rita Stearns 

Armandina Maria Tavares 

Philip E. Tracey 

+ Honors 
+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

Law Enforcement 

Christopher D . Affsa 

Barry Douglas Arnold 

Victor C . Barrows 

David M . Brazao 

Robert M . Brown 

Arisa R . Bullock 

Brian Paul Coakley 

Robert Mark Couto 
+ + +WalterM. Crickard 

Richard Craig Curtin 
+ + Jeanne Elizabeth Davis 
+ Kevin D. Donahue 

Rebecca Irene Donahue 

George Pierre Doucette 

Victor L . Evans Jr . 
♦William Joseph Faria 

David L . Farrow Jr . 

Jonathan David Goodwin 

Noah A . Gouveia 

Kevin A . Hanscombe 

Suellen Kay Hayden 
+ + +Wayne Michael Jackson 

Michael James Lank 
+ +Krista Leitao 

Lisa Ann Lesenechal 
+ Kenneth Raymond Lofstrom 

Roderick R . Macray 
Francis Edmund McArdell 
Scott Andrew McAuliffe 
Michael J . McNeil 
Victor A . Mendoza 

+Richard Charles Morris 
William H. Murray III 
Robert C. O'Brien Jr. 
Thomas P . O'Brien 
Deborah A . O'Connor 

♦Raymond Albert Orr 
Candace Dean Perkins 
Scott E. Perrault 
Patrick N. Porazzo 
William O. Riordan II 
Christopher M . Sanders 
Robert Schneiders 
Leanne C. Schultz 
Scott R . Sibert 
Patricia Louise St. Croix 
Kevin Joseph Sweeney 
Lisa Marie Thompson 
Jason J . Widdop 

♦Francis Paul Wohlgemuth 
Matthew Thomas Zommer 

Liberal Arts 

+ +Lori Elizabeth Abbott 
+Dawn M. Alger 
David P. Allsop 
+ Cheryl Ann Amaral 
+ + + Joyce Rain Anderson Latora 
Kelly K. Andrade 
Joseph R . Angelo 
David Bahm 
+ +Steven E. Bailey 
Scott C. Barkley 
Colleen Ann Barry 
William G . Ben jaminsen 
Tracv Lvnn Bevis 

Tracey Lynn Biltcliffe 
Robert Freeman Borden 
David Scott Boyes 
Michael A . Brenton 
Joseph Wesley Brook field 
Joseph J . Brousaides 
Daniel E. Butler 
Terry A . Cahalane 
SeanB. Cahill 
Helen C . Callahan 
Kirke Robert Calley 
+Claire Celina Campbell 
John R. Cannon 

+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

Marc D . Cappiello 
Eric G . Carlin 
Willaim George Chapman 
+ +JoyceL. Christos 
♦ ♦Patricia Ann Clabough 
Kathlynne M . Colleary 
Joao Baptista Costa 
Matthew Victor Courier 
Maureen Dailey 
Lisa Christine Dalto 
George E. Davenport Jr. 
Heather Ann Devlin 
Lynn Marie Diliddo 
Richard M. Dineen 
Barbara L . Doherty 
+ + +Margaret M . Doucet-Cole 
Derrick Andrew Downey 
Mary Louise Dube 
Jason William Eno 

+ Sally A . Everson 
Stephen Herbert Fenderson 
Nancy L. Finkle 
Laura G . Finn 
Candace Fisher 
William G. Fistori III 
Joseph Robert Fonseca 
Pamela Elizabeth Forrest 
Aron George Foster 
Kenneth John Foster 
Doreen Ann Frankio 

+Paul A. Frisoli 
Nicole Marie Fuschetti 
WilliamS. Gadless 
David M . Gagne 
+ + +Debra Lynn Garant 

+Ralph E. Geary 
Tracy Lynn Germany 
Donald C. Godfrey 
Peter Morgan Graves 
Cheryl Anne Greeley 
Harrison Lee Hall 

♦Mary Hall 
Tracey A . Hallamore 
Joseph E . Hanlon 

DavidS. Hatch 

♦ Lisa Marie Heffernan 
Pamela L . Hiltz 
Gregory A . Hudson 
Deeanndra J . Hurte 

♦Stephen Hutchins 

Edward J . Hyman 

Joseph Ned Ingegneri 
+Dawn-Marie Jackson 

Paul Derek Jacob 

Geriann Kasmouski 

Norbert E. Kekeke 

Lee-Ann Kelly 

Melissa R . Kennedy 

Michelle Ann Killelea 

Lauren Stacey Kravetz 

Karyn Mary Lane 

Laurie Ann Lazzari 

Peggy H . Leary 
♦Thomas Joesph Lee Jr . 
♦Frederick Francis Leonard Jr 

Christine Marie Lorbes 
♦Stephen Gerard Mahoney 

Lynn M. Mandeville 

♦ Michelle Lee Mannetta 
Maura M . Mark 
Claudine M . Mascarenhas 
James Patrick McAlear 
Dennis Patrick McA'Nulty 
Scott F. McCollem 
Robert F. McCullough 

♦ Michelle Marie Mclntyre 
Carolyn Bilotta McNeil 
Karen Ann Minchello 

♦ ♦♦Michael Paul Moncey 
Stephen R . Moran 
Tammy M . Moser 
Edward J . Murphy 
John S. Murphy 
Deborah M . Murray 

♦ Alisa Sonoko Nakashima 
Lisa Ann Nessralla 
Sharon E . Nevel 
Catherine Lee Nolan 

♦ ♦High Honors 
♦ ♦♦Highest Honors 

Valarie Norton 

-»- Kevin J. O'Brien 
+ +Linette Marie O'Brien 
Mathew J . O'Brien 
Julie L. O'Leary 
Douglas R. Olson 
Elizabeth M. O'Shea 
Cheryl Lynn Painter 
Heather Ann Palma 
Tammy L. Paquin 
+ + Deborah A. Perry 
James A . Perry 
Stephanie L. Philipp 

+ Karen A . Phillips 
John J. Pitta 

+Ethan E. Pittsley 
William A . Ponds 
+ +Marilyn B. Pope 
Robin L. Powers 
Pamela A . Purcell 
Lisa Marie Quinlan 
Renee Victoria Randall 
Joanne M . Rebell 

+ Joseph B. Riley Jr. 
Mark C. Rocheteau 

♦Christine Marie Russo 
Nanette Marie Ryan 
+ +June A. Saba 
Diandra Lee Savoie 
Stephen D. Savoie 

+Jane A. Selig 
+ +BarbaraLee Seligman 
+ +Mark James Sferrazza 
+Helen Danis Shapiro 

Lisa Sharland 

Sarah Rebecca Shurtleff 

Jeffrey C. Simpson 

Thomas James Slattery 
+ Judith E. Smith 

Kimberly Frances Smith 

Susan L. Smith 
+ Laura E. Spear 

Suzanne Patricia Stafford 
+ +Susan M . Stetson 

Abigail W . Stevens 

Lynn Ann Stevens 

Scott Michael Sutherland 

Joan Ann Tabak 

Jason George Tower 

Denise M . Tucciarone 

Peter Scott Vogel 

Marianne Wainio 
+Kristine Walsh 

Daniel Scott Weiner 

Jon G. Wentworth 

Nichola Karen Whitehorne 

James L . Widdop 
+ + +Derrell D. Wood 

Kimberlv Ann Zacharv 

Nursing Education 

Carol J . Amirault 
+ +DianeL. Anderson 
+Patti Lou Bendell 
+Ann T. Carr 
+Thomas Barry Chafe 
+Jane Nellie Cleary 
+ + +Josette Mary Cochrane-Lusk 
Marie-Elena Colburn 
Christine A . Cotter 
+ + William J. Cotter 

Michelle M . Counter 

+Joan E. Curley 
Christopher Edward Day 
David Andrew Denneno 
+ + +Kathleen Ann Dillon 
+ + Victoria A. Dillion 

+ Nancy Marie McMaster DiRusso 
Christopher John Drinkwater 
Katherine Louise Ducasse 
Joan M. Flvnn 

+ Honors 
+ +High Honors 
+ + + Highest Honors 

+Joanne Fraser 

Robert L. Gerace 
+John Raymond Goodine 

Robin Goodrich 

♦ Angela B. Grzyboski 

♦ Kathleen Marie Hatchfield 
+ + +TheresaA. Hopkins 

♦ Kenneth Walter Johnson 
+ +John Joseph 

Eric Joubert 
Debra Ann Lawson 
Judith K. Maginnis 
Elizabeth V . McDonough 
♦ ♦♦Elizabeth King Miranda 
Eleanor Esther Moles 
+ Yvonne M. Murray 
Debora A . Naughton 
Barbara J . Norton 
Noreen M . O'Connor 
+ +DianeF. Ouellette 

♦ Deborah L. Parker 
+ + + Patricia A. Perkins 

Frederick Sherman Phillips 

Barbara A . Porro 
+ + Karen J. Reed 

Kathleen T. Rich 
♦ ♦Catherine A. Schow 
♦Cheryl Lee Sears 
Kathleen Marie Simmons 
+ + +Catherine B. Sirois 
♦ Donna Marie Smyth 
Linda Susan Snyder 
Michael T. Souza 
Mary Louise Stock 
+Claire Elissa Teixeira 
♦ ♦♦Lisa Dorreen Titus 
♦ Elaine Marie Toomey 
♦ Mary Ellen Tougias 
Leslie E . Townsend 
♦Susan Pearl Underwood 

Barbara A . Valiquette 
+Daniela Venterosa 

Lisa Madeline Whelan 
+ Irene M. Wilbur 
+ + Judith Ann Wright 

Office Administration 

Lisa A. Arthur 
Nancy Ann Bechet 
♦Jennifer Lee Belanger 
Tamara Pauline Benton 
Theresa M . Brand 
Lorraine Joan Dowd 

♦ Kelly Dawn Duffy 
♦Heidi Marie Eaton 

♦ Diane Luz Figueiredo 
Deborah A . Foresta 

♦Sara Gayle Goldman 

Karen A . Grady 
♦Sandra D. Greenbaum 

♦ Pamela Susan Higgins 

Tina Louise Hlinka 
Kimberly A. Hynes 
Gail LaBollita 
Sandra J. Luther 
Lesley A . Pallotta 
♦ Laurie J. Perry 
Kristen Maria Pretorius 
Deborah Marie Prosper 
Rebecca A . Rich 
Elena T . Rogers 
Maryanne Shields 
Diane Karen Vincent 
Cassandra Leigh Whiting 

♦ ♦High Honors 
+ + ♦Highest Honors 

Radiologic Technology 

+ +ClarenceT. Andrade 
♦Kathleen Valerie Auger 
+ Bonnie Bregoli 

Annette C. Bulu 
+JayneE. Carmody 
+Gary A . Chavier 
+ + Catharine Rose Cooke 
+Linda L. Coughlin 
Teresa Jean Dedominici 
Linda J . Gibson 
Tammy L. Goche 
+ Valerie Jean Gonsalves 
+ + Margaret A. Hogan 
+ +Sharon Ann Lucas 
+ + +Rosemarie Ann McCaffrey 

Jean M . McDonald 
+ + +Ellen M. McGrath 
+ +Carolyn Marie Murad 
+Dale Paul Osborne 
Theresa M . Osborne 
+ + +Sally Palumbo 

+Antonette Parrott 
+ + +Kathleen Pillsbury 
Nyree D . Rucker 
+ 4-Sandra Gail Shirley 
Nancy Sweeney 
Gail P. Tierney 
Linda M . Wencek 
♦Sherry Ann White 
+ 4-Susan J . Yagman 

Respiratory Care 

Harld Allioth 
Emmanuel Berthil 
Terrence O . Brady 
Marlowe E. Bryant 
Raymond E. Cornett 
Christopher Todd DaRosa 
Richard J . Dean 
Susan C. Duquette 
Margaly Fede 
Debbie F. Hatch 
Matthew D. Henry 

Raymond LaGuerre Jr 
+ Portia I. Macahilas 
+Varghese Mathai 

Christine L. Metivier 

Kerly Moise 
+Curt Paradis 
+Dianna L. Robare 

Shelley Ann Robidoux 
+ + Jennifer A. Sheran 
+ + Margaret Ann Whelan 

+ Honors 
+ +High Honors 
+ ++Highest Honors 

Associate In Applied Science 

Advertising , Art & Design 

George M . Anderson 
Lee Berman 

Elizabeth Lesley Buckeridge 
+ + David Edward Chrisom 
Rosemarie Clifford 
Dana L . Destefano 
Jason Adam Graham 
Carolyn M . Hall 
Robin M . Harris 
+Dawne C. Huer 
William T. Jandrue 

Tricia Anne Leonard 
Jeffrey S . MacDonald 
+Kerry Ann Maloney 
+ Ronald William McElman 
Rebecca A . Melvin 
+ + Susan B. O'Leary 
+Lori J. Perrin 
Walter X . Pierce 
Richard Steven Saperstein 
Wendy Marie Sturtevant 
Pamela L . Williams 

Architectural Technology 

John R. Barnettt Jr. 
Michael David Creamer 
Peter C . Denaro 
♦Joseph Robert De Wolfe 
Anicet F. Dvbantsa 

-♦--♦-Lisa Jean Hobart 
William G. Irwin 
-♦-Michael J. Schultz 
Jay Remigio Borneo Tan 
Peter K . Wood 

Child Care 
Education & Administration 

DeborahS. Appleby 
+ + + Mary Ann L. Barrow 

Carmelle R . Cassamajor 
+Brenda Lynne Dobbyn 
-♦-Theresa Lucille Fencer 

Kelleyann Gordinier 

Tracey L . Kent 

Francine I . Levine 
-♦-Stella J. Martin 

Paula Barbara Muzrim 

Meredith A. Newton 
Jane M . Oles 
Nicole Jenice Ross 
Joanne C. Sherman 
Michael D. Small 
Patricia Ann Smith 

-♦-Barbaras. St. George 
Kelly Marie Sweeney 

-♦-Jacqueline L . Tracey 

-♦--♦-High Honors 
-♦--♦--♦-Highest Honors 

Civil Structural Technology 

Richard P. Cirafice 

+ + + Nicholas Goudas Jr . 

+ + John G. Morgan Jr 
Daniel A . Petze 

Diesel Technology 

♦Michael Joseph-Paul Bourque 

+ +John P. Feenev 

Heating , Ventilating 
& Air Conditioning Technology 

Herard Belizaire 
Matthew Thomas Connelly 
Joseph A . Coronite 
Dany P. Eugene 
Richard W. Friberg Jr. 
+ William John Garvey 
Thomas D. Kallenberg 

Joseph M . Mannion 
+Ralph M . Norden 
Richard S . Perry 
+ + Peter Scott Shurtleff 

Matthew Joseph Thompson 
William Roy Trenholm 

Medical Laboratory Technician 

Susan K . Cardoza 
Gretchen Heather Celli 
Joseph W . Cizmar 
Barbara Mary Cody 
Maureen Ann Devine 
Bruce W. Kneller 

Mary M . Maloney 
Ellen Carol Mannion 
Carol Ann McDonald 
Barbara J . Muise 
Christine Marie Powers 

Travel & Tourism 

+Marie T. Diaz 
+Peggy J. Diaz 

Susan R . Emerson 
+KatherineL. Mitchell 

♦Eileen Marie Sheehan 
+Mami Shinkawa 
+ + +LindaM. Stearns 
Lvnn M. Vacca 

+ Honors 
+ +High Honors 
+ + + Highest Honors 


Dental Assistant 

♦Shelly Rene Ahearn 
Tonya Marie Amaru 

+Denise Marie Cheever 
Vicki Lynne Gardner 
Renee Michelle Loubier 

Lisa A . Neary 
Karyn Ann Ryan 
+Kimberly Ann Schmitz 
Andrea M. Shea 

Medical Assistant 

♦ Kathleen M. Belanger 

Kerry Coyne 

Elaine Marie Culver 
+ + +Ann Marie Dunne 

Christine M. Foley 

Lori A. Glover 

Lourdes Marie Golden 
+ + + Patricia C. Grimmer 

Kathenne E. Humphries 
+ +Debra J. Hunt 

Ellen Ingalls 

+Tracey Jane Kiernan 
+Susan T. Kimball 
Donna M . Lamore 
+ + +Jane E. Liber 
♦Teresa C . List 
+ +Ann Marie Malono 
Terry A . Percy 
Zella A. Sutherland 
+ Kathleen B. Tocci 
+ + +LindaA. Wadman 
Jena A . Zarrella 

Office Technologies 

♦ Lisa A. Arthur 
-♦-Linda E. Danforth 

Deborah A . Foresta 

Maureen E. George 
+Sara G . Goldman 

Tina L. Hlinka 

Jennifer M. Kilgallon 

Gail Labollita 

Lynn M. Miller 
+ +Melanie P. Milroy 
+ +AnnaM. Monaco 
+ Amy S. Murray 

Connie Nanos 

Lesley A . Pallotta 
♦ Laurie Perry 
Carol Anne Pike 
Kristen M. Pretorius 
Jennifer M. Reed 
Angela L. Rich 
Rebecca A . Rich 
Elena T. Rogers 
Pamela L. Skahan 
Kelly J. Smith 
Sherry L. Smith 
Lisa M . Solari 

+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

Commonwealth Of Massachusetts 

Higher Education 

Coordinating Council 

Piedad F. 

Robertson , 



Ronald M. Alman 

Arnold S . Hiatt 



Mary Lou Anderson 

Paul W . Lee 



James N. Bailey 

Jeffrey F. Markuns 



Jane C. Edmonds 

Jacqueline O'Neill 



Arthur Gelb, Sc.D. 

Richard A . Wiley 



Massasoit Community College 



Richard E . Frye , Chairperson 


Janet Walker, Vice Chairperson 


Dr . Nishan J . Keche jian 


Nancy Smith, Secretary 


Catherine Cary, Assistant Secretary 

Jeanne Callahan 

North Easton 

James Joubert 


William J. Morse 


Lawrence P. Novak, Esquire 


Mary Jane Shields 



The academic procession is one of the oldest traditions of colleges throughout 
the world. In medieval times the ordinary dress of the university scholar, whether 
student or teacher, was the dress of the cleric including a long gown, and often in 
cold weather a cloak with a hood vhich could be pulled up over the head for cover 
and protection. 

Although fashions have changed since the 16th century, scholars of the post- 
medieval period have retained the academic attire. Eventually the attire was 
prescribed by university statutes to distinguish the different faculties and degrees-of- 
learning. The associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral gowns differ stylistically in 
cut and decorative motif. 

The colorful hoods, which indicate fields of learning and the institutions con- 
ferring the degree, were originally worn over the head, but during the 16th century, 
caps were adopted and the hood was draped over the shoulder. 

A long tassel is attached to the middle point of the top of the cap, to drape over 
the left edge of the mortar board. The tassel may be black, gold, or the color appro- 
priate to the academic field or level of achievement. 

An Intercollegiate Code has been adopted to represent the different departments 
of learning and has set forth the standards for academic dress in the United States. 
The hoods are lined with the official colors of the college from which the wearer 
received his or her highest degree, while the collar of the hood denotes the academic 
subject area in which the wearer majored. These colors are assigned according to the 
following scheme: 







Agriculture Maize 

Arts, Letters & Humanities White 

Business Administration Drab 

Dentistry Lilac 

Economics Copper 

Education Light Blue 

Engineering Orange 

Fine Arts Brown 

Forestry Russet 

Home Economics Maroon 

Journalism Crimson 

Law Purple 

Library Science Lemon 

Medicine Green 

Music Pink 

Nursing Apricot 

Oratory (Speech) Silver Gray 

Pharmacy Olive Green 

Philosophy Dark Blue 

Physical Education Sage Green 

Public Administration ...Peacock Blue 

Public Health Salmon Pink 

Science Gold-Yellow 

Social Science Citron 

Theology or Divinity Scarlet 

Veterinary Science Gray 





Francis Scott Key 

Oh, say! can you sec, by the daum's early light, 
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, 
O'er the ramparts u>e watched were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 
Gaue proof through the night that our flag u>as still there. 
Oh, say does that Star- Spangled Banner yet wove 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the braue? 


Katherinc Lee Bates, Samuel A. Ward 

O beautiful for spacious skies, 
For amber u>aues of grain, 
For purple mountain majesties 
Aboue the fruited plain. 


America! America! 

God shed His grace on thee, 

And crou)n thy good u>ith brotherhood 

From sea to shining sea. 

O beautiful for patriot dream 
That sees beyond the years, 
Thine alabaster cities gleam 
Undimmed by human tears. 


America! America! 

God shed His grace on thee, 

And croum thy good urith brotherhood 

From sea to shining sea.